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About Us

We have Game Cards, Game Portal Cards or Gaming Tools , if not instant! We want you to be able to enjoy gaming sessions seamlessly rather than waiting for what you have purchased.

We have our customer service teams running on shifts, in order to make sure that all our worldwide transactions and needs are effectively handled.

If there should be any unforeseen issues, you can be assured that you will definitely be attended to.

We have been and will always continue to cater more game related products. Our beliefs are to give our customers a one-stop through continuously expanding our product varieties and availability.

To further enhance your ease of use, we have created a unique system where you can now top-up your game directly from purchases within our site through our seamless Direct Top-Up integration.

We do not believe in gaming downtime. Through our seamless digital online delivery and wide variety of payment methods, you practically do not even need to leave your game station.